These are super easy to make and can be tweaked easily to include any additional or alternative ingredients you may prefer.  Just throw all ingredients in the cuisinart and BOOM, roll into balls or bars and you got yourself a carb and fat rich snack ball!  I personally love to snack on one of these first thing in the morning while I am making my breakfast.


TIME TO CONSUME: Can use these during long training sessions, just be mindful of the higher fat content which can slow digestion.  Also great for afternoon snacks.



- 300grams pitted dates

- 150grams shredded coconut flakes

- 150grams cashews or any other nut you might prefer (I have tried with almonds, walnuts and pecans and all taste great!)

- Optional: Vanilla, cinnamon



1.  You will want to shred each ingredient separately.  I start with the nuts.  Once broken down into very small pieces and even a little bit of cashew powder/dust is present pour out into their own bowl.

2.  Shred your coconut flakes if they need to be broken down smaller, place in bowl with cashews.

3.  Shred pitted dates, once it forms a date paste ball in the machine break up and add in your shredded cashews and coconut flakes.  (My cuisinart is small so I have to break up the shredded date ball and blend on two separate occasions.)

4.  Dump the combined ingredients into a large bowl and begin pulling out enough to roll into about the size of a golf ball/ping pong ball or slightly smaller and place in tupperware.  Once you have them all rolled up place in refrigerator or enjoy!  They will easily last weeks in the fridge.



Serving size 1 ball - 147cals, 18g Carbs, 2g Protein, 8g Fat