This page is a place to give you an idea of products that I have reviewed and approve of for my athletes to use and find I suggest frequently. Frequently enough that I decided to put them all in one place for my clients to easily view and order from Amazon.

The links displayed below are all amazon affiliate links and thus will provide a commission.


The products below I love because they are either specifically designed for the male or female gastrointestinal systems ability to digest and absorb properly in the state of training or their electrolyte and sugar profile matches very similarly to the gender specific formulas.


The products below are designed to top off the bodies sodium stores leading up to a big event.


Not sold through Amazon is OSMO Nutrition Preload, they have a version for men and another version for women.



The products below i have found work best for my athletes gastrointestinal systems when in high

intensity racing scenarios as well as for practice in daily training sessions.



The supplements shown below can be added to your daily routine to support your current routine. Supplements should be just that, a tool to supplement to an already well rounded diet. *You should always consult with your Doctor before trying any new supplements.



The products shown below are third party tested, safe for sport.

*You should always consult with your Doctor before using a new supplement.


The kitchen products shown below can help speed up meal prepping and your recovery if you have the right foods on hand.


If you’re interested in some sports nutrition specific reads I highly suggest the books below. If you’re interested in following along on our monthly BOOK CLUB that gets announced on the 1st of each month check out the post HERE. All books suggested will either have a focus in mental power, self improvement, sports performance and nutrition of course!